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I write. I attempt to make graphics and fanmixes. I badly run blogs.

Lucille Bluth, Jim Kirk and Irene Adler are my queens.


Almost got her!!! @marvel


Almost got her!!! @marvel

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"There’s power in stories, though. That’s all history is: The best tales. The ones that last. Might as well be mine".


e n d   o f   t h e   l i n e  -  a winter soldier mix

1. iron - woodkid | 2. once upon a dream - lana del rey |  3. where is my mind? - emily browning & yoav | 4. seven nation army - white stripes (glitch mob remix) | 5. thirteen - danzig | 6. monster hospital - metric (mstrkrft remix) | 7. in munich we will live forever - colatron | 8. my baby shot me down - audio bullys | 9. sweet dreams (are made of this) - emily browning | 10. fear - onerepublic | 11. one - metallica

[listen here]

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game of thrones + dragon age ii quote swap

"Some old wounds never truly heal, and bleed again at the slightest word."
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"When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives."


You might belong in Gryffindor

where dwell the brave at heart.


breezehome, whiterun

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"I am not a slave!"

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anonymous asked: petyr baelish or & varys?

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If you didn’t pay attention to Varys during the Purple Wedding you seriously missed out

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Want more like this? ♡


Want more like this?
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default album art
Artist: Kanye West
Album: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
Played: 102,851 times.


Power - Kanye West.

No one man should have all that power.

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you're my mission                                     but i knew him
                                                but i knew him
                                            but i knew him
                                      but i knew him 
                                 but i knew him 
                           but i knew him 
                   but i knew him 
            but i knew him
    but i knew him
but i knew him
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A reliable, accurate sidearm. Manufactured by Elanus Risk Control, the Predator is valued as a powerful, deadly, and relatively inexpensive weapon. While it is not generally deployed in the military, it’s still very popular in the Terminus Systems.

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